Check back next spring for 2019 Pop-ups.


Amy Anthony has been in the service industry for 15 years and a cook/chef for over 12. She has worked at Atlantica, Gracie Joe's, Mallard Cottage, Rocket Bakery, The Sprout (to name a few) and, most recently, was the head chef at The Ship Pub. She enjoys creating twist on local and international comfort foods but is extremely influenced by international street food and food-truck culture.  What drives Amy as a chef is using local, and sustainable products. “Because we live on such an isolated island we have to be creative with the things around us, seasonal produce that we can grow, and what is in our own backyards. As a constant explorer and forager, I strongly believe we should be supporting our local farmers and foraging for all the goodness our land has to offer” Amy is very excited to join the Ochre Fest party.